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The Commitment Process


Involuntary commitment is available to public facilities, like the Mississippi State Hospital at Whitfield, or to a variety of private treatment facilities in the state.


Ability to pay for treatment will be a primary factor in determining what facility is appropriate.  Treatment at the State Hospital is at  little or no cost, but there is normally a lengthy waiting list for admission, and the commitment process may add as many as three weeks to the wait


On the other hand, private treatment facilities usually have immediate availability, and Chancery Court commitment is available to these facilities on an emergency basis.  Some of these facilities may cost only a few thousand dollars, while others may cost many thousands for a full course of treatment. 


If you are considering involuntary commitment of a friend or family member, contact our office to discuss treatment options.  We can assist you in understanding those options and provide you with the names of facilities that accept patients under involuntary commitment.


If it is determined that a public facility is appropriate, or when arrangements have been made with a private treatment facility, we will meet with you to file the appropriate documents with the court, appear with you before the judge, and support you through every step of the process.


Commitment to the State Hospital treatment program usually lasts twenty-eight to thirty-five days.  Commitment to private facilities can be for a maximum of sixty days of inpatient treatment followed by a maximum of one hundred twenty days of outpatient treatment. 

Involuntary Commitment for Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

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